Cryptoasset start-up backed by Swiss banking heavyweights

Some of the doyens of the Swiss financial industry, including former Swiss National Bank president Philipp Hildebrand and ex-UBS CEO Peter Wuffli, have joined the cryptoasset revolution with new financial services operator Sygnum. The Swiss-Singapore enterprise announced itself suddenly on Thursday after operating in stealth mode for months. It is aiming a broad suite of tokenised assets services for institutional investors. The so-called ‘token economy’ space, which digitises a range of financial assets for faster, more efficient trading, is rapidly gaining momentum around the world. It is believed that the system can be adapted for any form of asset from company shares to securities, bonds and real estate. Putting such tokens on the blockchain promises either direct transfer between traders or more efficient matching and settlement through third party platforms, such as exchanges. Swiss stock exchange SIX Group plans to tap into the market with a new digital exchange, while ...

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