‘Driverless’ train tested near Bern

Swiss Federal Railways has tested a system to automate train traffic. If rolled out, the idea is to increase passenger and freight capacity by 30%.  In the early hours of Tuesday, a train carrying about 30 people made its way along a stretch of track within the Bern-Zurich corridor, without a human touching the physical controls. Instead, a remote system steered the train for a while, both braking and accelerating.  + Check out our guide to how transport works in Switzerland + Find out what else Swiss Federal Railways has in store As Swiss Federal Railways CEO Andreas Meyer told Swiss public radio, SRF News, the plan is to get more trains on Swiss tracks.  “Automatic driving tools can reduce the distance between trains. With shorter gaps between the trains we can bring more trains onto the tracks – and that means more seats for passengers and more tons of freight,” Meyer said. The goal is to increase capacity by 30%.  Asked whether it was safe, Meyer said “absolutely”. He ...

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