Fight against addictions requires ‘new approach’

The authorities must carry out more research to better understand the addictive risks of new products such as electronic cigarettes and legal cannabis, and impose a new legal framework, the non-governmental organization Addiction Switzerland says. In its latest “Swiss Panorama of Addictions 2018” report published on Tuesday, the NGO called for a ‘new approach’ to cope with the growing offer of psychoactive substances and public demand for new products, which are ‘shaking up the field of addictions”. “Numerous consumers want to experiment with new products with as few risks as possible, while manufacturers and firms are looking to make as much profit as they can while rejecting state regulation,” the NGO said.  + a look at the growth of “cannabis light” or “CBD cannabis” in Switzerland Addiction Switzerland spokesperson Corine Kibora told that more resources must be invested in research to understand the risks of potentially addictive new substances available on ...

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