Here’s what (the new) Swiss ten-franc note will get you

Crisp, yellow, and adorned with train tracks and watchmaking supplies, the new CHF10 banknote will soon be in circulation across Switzerland. But what can you buy with it?  Revealed by the Swiss National Bank on Wednesday, the banknote is the third in the new series that features better security features and more elaborate artwork than the previous editions. New versions of the CHF50 and CHF20 notes are already the standard in Swiss wallets and cash registers. The new CHF10 goes into circulation on October 18. Of course the value of the new CHF10 is the same as that of the old note, and both will be accepted as payment until the old one is eventually phased out. But what can you get with Switzerland’s smallest form of paper currency – worth $10.26 or €8.68 according to Wednesday’s exchange rate?  Here’s a round-up of some basic goods and services that cost about CHF10.  FOOD & DRINK  Swiss cheese CHF10 translates into about 500g of Swiss cheese, whether it’s Appenzeller, ...

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