How a village profits from a giant downhill ski race

The Lauberhorn, the oldest and longest race on the FIS Ski World Cup circuit taking place this weekend, puts the Swiss resort of Wengen on the world stage once a year. Could the village survive without it?  “Lauberhorn is why Wengen is so famous and why so many tourists come year-round,” says hotelier Bettina Zinnert, noting that it’s a sure-fire attraction for all Swiss visitors who envision skiing the Lauberhorn race course at least once in a lifetime.  At the Hotel Schönegg, manager Caroline Ogi calls the Lauberhorn race coverage “perfect publicity – especially in good weather”.  Another person with a clear interest in the attention garnered by the race is Rachel Padley, who runs an apartment rental service in the ski resort: “Lauberhorn gets the word out about Wengen. It is a great way of publicising the town to the world.”  But without the race, it’s not just Wengen that would suffer. “It’s the most important event for this entire region,” says Marc Ungerer, CEO of the ...

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