In ten years, Swiss agriculture reduces antibiotics usage by half

The use of antibiotics in the Swiss agriculture sector has been cut down by almost half over the past decade, claims the Swiss Farmers’ Union (SFU). Although work remains to be done, they called Monday for similar efforts in the human medical realm. In a press release to mark the beginning of Antibiotic Awareness Week, which Switzerland is celebrating in conjunction with the World Health Organisation (WHO), the SFU said the total quantity of antimicrobic substances used in treatment of livestock has dropped by 45% since 2008. This is due to various factors, it said: firstly, a recent ruling has banned the usage of critical antibiotics when it comes to livestock. This excludes the use of any preventative treatment or treatment that has not been preceded by a veterinarian consultation. In the case of poultry and eggs, it said, Switzerland uses much less antibiotics than other countries largely due to the stringent measures of hygiene that are in place across the country. ...

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