Initiative launched to end factory farming in Switzerland

Animal rights groups and environmental organisations launched a popular initiative to ban intensive, large-scale livestock farming on Tuesday. They have 18 months to collect the required 100,000 valid signatures. The “No factory farming in Switzerland” initiative calls for a constitutional amendment that will affect animal husbandry practices in Switzerland. The initiative hopes to put an end to questionable conditions for livestock in Switzerland, such as confining ten pigs in a pen the size of a car parking spot, reported the Swiss News Agency on Tuesday. Animal dignity The initiative aims to put a brake on the increasing trend towards large-scale farming, high-productivity breeding and production optimisation, according to the groups behind the campaign. They hope to achieve these objectives by amending article 80a of the Federal Constitution. + Switzerland bans crustacean cruelty The government must protect the dignity of animals within the animal husbandry industry, ...

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