‘Science is the brain, but photography is the heart’

Nature photographer Daisy Gilardini, originally from Ticino, now lives in Canada, where this year she was appointed “photographer-in-residence” for the magazine Canadian Geographic. The 50-year-old works especially with animals from polar regions. swissinfo.ch: When and why did you leave Switzerland? Daisy Gilardini: I left Switzerland in 2012 for… love. I married David McEown, a Canadian watercolour artist, and moved to Canada. swissinfo.ch: Was it a one-way trip, or are you planning to return to Switzerland some day? D.G.: I love Switzerland and, in my heart, I will always consider it home. However, Canada is also a great place to live, especially for my job. I doubt that I’ll return for good, but I never miss my yearly visit. The points of view stated in this article, especially about the host country and its politics, are the interviewee’s points of view and are not necessarily in line with swissinfo.ch’s position. swissinfo.ch: How did you get into your line of work? D.

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