Self-checkouts increase employee workload and stress

Self-service checkouts in supermarkets do not lead to less work for the sales staff – on the contrary. They have to take on more security-related tasks and often have to deal with aggressive customers, according to a trade union commissioned study.  Digitalisation in the retail trade is increasingly popular in Switzerland: 60% of consumers use digital devices. Not everyone is a winner, however. Employees, especially women, are increasingly exposed to “aggressive and inappropriate customer behaviour” because of new technologies such as self-scanning or self-checkout, said Switzerland’s largest trade union Unia on Thursday.  “Digitalisation needs to be designed socially – also in the retail trade,” said Unia president Vania Alleva, presenting a study commissioned by Unia and carried out by the University of Bern on the impact of digitalisation on the retail trade.  The union is therefore demanding better working conditions and living wages. Women earn “on average and sometimes ...

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