Sexual harassment still shrouded in secrecy in big companies

In the #metoo era, there are exceptional examples of corporate leadership like IKEA Switzerland. Its code of conduct is widely disseminated among employees, and it openly admits cases of sexual harassment and has a proactive plan to address them. But, for most multinationals in Switzerland, sexual harassment is still discussed behind closed doors, making it difficult to assess what has really changed since the start of the movement a year ago. The #metoo movement has led to some corporate soul-searching. “#metoo was like an earthquake in Switzerland,” says Judith Wissmann Lukesch, a trained lawyer and founder of, which advises companies on discrimination cases and internal investigations. “Companies have started asking, could this happen to us?” It isn’t just the usual suspects either, she explains. “Companies in tourism and design fields that once saw themselves as untouchable are also asking the question.” What the movement has made abundantly clear – ...

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