Striking gender differences in Swiss eating habits

Meat makes the meal, according to a new Swiss survey that shows men eat four times the recommended amount and women consume more than double. Not surprisingly, men’s intake of salad, vegetables and fruit pales in comparison to what women eat. And men spend significantly less time on home meals and cooking, according to the latest results this week from the government’s first national food survey in Switzerland which began in January 2014. Though consumers lately have shown a bit less appetite for horse, veal and beef, the average consumption of meat by men and women still was 780 grams a week – triple the government’s 240 grams-a-week recommendation – among 2,000 people who took part in the survey. Men downed 980 grams; women 570 grams. Both sexes also consumed four times the recommended limits for sweets, salty snacks and fat, a category that includes butter, margarine, creams and sauces. Out for lunch, home for dinner About seven-in-10 Swiss ...

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