Surgeons and insurers agree to flat-fee pricing

Swiss health insurance companies and surgeons have reached agreement on charging flat rates for certain ophthalmic operations. Talks are continuing regarding other surgical areas. The move is seen as a step towards reducing rising health costs.  Santésuisse, the association of Swiss health insurers, said in a statement on February 9 that it had signed a contract with the association of Swiss surgeons (FMCH) regarding a flat-rate outpatient plan for certain ophthalmic operations. Fixed rates will be paid for cataract and glaucoma operations, as well as procedures on the vitreous.  The contract must still be approved by cantonal health directors. Participation in this new fixed-price system is voluntary, and doctors who will use flat-fee billing will also automatically participate in a European quality assurance programme. + Inside the workings of and debates around the Swiss healthcare system The Swiss healthcare system is known for its excellent level of care, but is also ...

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