Swiss businesses in China upbeat after record export year

According to a survey, 72% of Swiss business leaders in China expect “higher” or “substantially higher” sales of goods from Switzerland to China and Hong Kong in 2018 than in 2017, when exports reached a record CHF16.7 billion ($17.9 billion). Just 5% of business leaders anticipated lower export figures this year, according to the preliminary results of the 2018 Swiss Business in China Survey, which were released Tuesday by Swiss Centers China. Full results from the survey of 108 Swiss and 440 Chinese business respondents will be published in March. + China tops export destination ranking for Swiss SMEs According to the Swiss Centers China press release, in 2017, Switzerland exported CHF16.7 billion worth of goods to China and Hong Kong, which is an increase of 13.8% on the previous year and represents a new record. China and Hong Kong bought CHF7.2 billion ($7.7 billion) worth of watches and precision instruments from the alpine nation in 2017, making China the largest world ...

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