Swiss companies leaking executives abroad

Multinational companies based in Switzerland are increasingly moving experienced executives abroad to run production sites in lower-cost countries, according to a jobs placement company. The trend has been blamed on regulatory uncertainty in the Swiss marketplace. There have been concerns at Swiss companies moving production sites abroad to escape high costs, which have been exacerbated by the strong franc in recent years. Those fears have so far centred on the threat to blue collar worker jobs in Switzerland. But career advisory firm von Rundstedt now says it is seeing more and more managerial posts being transferred abroad. “For the past ten years we have talked about the production in Switzerland being in danger,” von Rundstedt boss Pascal Scheiwiller told Swiss public television, SRF. “In the past four or five years this has affected highly qualified workers. What is now new is that this also affects executives.” Companies are re-posting executives to lower-cost countries, ...

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