Swiss crypto miner embarks on Swedish venture

Alpine Mining, the Swiss cryptocurrency specialist, is branching out of Switzerland to help set up a sizeable crypto mining farm in Sweden. The company been contracted by Diginex to boost the Hong-Kong based blockchain firm’s presence in Europe. Diginex says it is also eyeing a range of other sites in Europe, including Switzerland, as it looks to build up its capacity for creating cryptocurrency tokens to a 100-megawatt operation. Switzerland and Sweden share a number of competitive advantages for the energy-hungry crypto mining industry. These include plentiful hydro power, a cool climate to mitigate the heating of computers, a stable government and a crypto-friendly regime. But Sweden has stolen a march in Europe since it slashed taxes on electricity consumption for large data centres two years ago. The Scandinavian country already has a number of crypto mines churning out bitcoin and other tokens plus a large Facebook data centre campus. “If Switzerland has the political ...

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