Swiss drive demand for big and powerful cars

In Switzerland large, powerful vehicles make up almost half the fleet. But thanks to technological progress, the environmental impact of this trend is lighter than expected.  The trend for big cars continues this year at the Geneva Motor Show, as well as on Swiss roads. American-style pick-up trucks are no longer as rare a sight as before. However, it is the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) that has found fertile ground in the Alpine nation. According to the Federal Roads Office, SUVs now account for almost half of all private vehicles, compared with the average European share of around one third.   In terms of engines, “with a car fleet 25% more powerful than the European average, Switzerland is fond of horsepower”, François Launaz, president of auto-suisse, the umbrella organisation for car importers, told Swiss public television, RTS.  But this trend towards larger and more powerful vehicles has not necessarily had catastrophic effects in terms of the environment, because under ...

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