Swiss financial centre opens up to bitcoin

Two mainstream Swiss financial companies have started offering bitcoin investments to clients. Falcon private bank and online trading platform Swissquote became the first fully regulated Swiss institutions to foray into cryptocurrencies this week. Zurich-based Falcon became the first traditional wealth manager in the country to embrace bitcoin on Wednesday after being given the green light by the Swiss financial regulator. Two days later, Swissquote said it has teamed up with Luxembourg trader Bitstamp - the only such exchange with a European Union licence for cryptocurrency trading – to offer bitcoin investments for its 303,000 clients.  Bitcoin enthusiasts hopes that its introduction into the established Swiss financial system may signal a shift in attitude – from distrust to acceptance of cryptocurrencies.  “Many investors are interested in cryptocurrencies, but are afraid to trade them because the players in this market are mostly little known and they often require the ...

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