Swiss government ups probe into Pilatus-Saudi deal

A Swiss aircraft manufacturer may have broken the law through part of a contract signed with Saudi Arabia. The foreign affairs ministry has begun a deeper investigation. Tasked with helping to maintain military training aircraft, 12 Pilatus Aircraft employees are working in the Saudi capital, Riyadh. Swiss companies are legally obliged to report any activity with foreign armies. Last October already, the foreign affairs ministry said that Pilatus may not have complied with its legal obligations. Because of the ongoing Saudi-Yemen conflict, the work in Riyadh is problematic, reported Swiss public radio, SRF, on Thursday. + How Pilatus reponded in October SRF also reported that a government investigation would now continue with more intensity. Such “verification procedures” are initiated if there are indications that a business transaction could put Switzerland’s security, foreign policy objectives, neutrality or humanitarian obligations into jeopardy, the broadcaster explained.

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