Swiss median monthly wage exceeds CHF6,500

​​​​​​​ A government survey analysing wage structures in the Alpine nation found that the median salary for a full-time job in 2016 was CHF6,502 ($6,502) for the entire Swiss economy.  The Federal Statistical Office survey, published on Monday, reflects a small reduction in the gender wage gap, as well as in the salary differential of high- versus low-income earners. The gross salary of CHF6,502 is what a full-time employee in Switzerland would earn on the assumption that half of his or her colleagues earn more, and the other half earn less. That represents a CHF313 pay rise relative to 2014, when the last statistical office survey was conducted. However, this median value masks significant disparities between different economic sectors and the various regions of the country. Remuneration levels are significantly higher than the median salary in high value-added activities such as the pharmaceutical industry (CHF9,835) or financial services (CHF9,742). At the bottom of the ...

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