Swiss public broadcaster to phase out 250 jobs

The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC), swissinfo’s parent company, announced on Thursday a series of belt-tightening measures, including the elimination of 250 full-time positions over the next four years. The SBC is initiating a four-year savings and redeployment programme aimed at saving CHF100 million ($100 million), which will be re-invested across its various business and language units. The announcement comes less than four months after the 71.6% rejection of  a people's initiative, which sought to scrap the licence fee for public broadcasting in Switzerland. These measures aim to offset the Swiss government’s decision to reduce and cap SBC’s share of the licence fee as well as a decline in advertising revenue. The company says that increased efficiency and a reduction in property costs, coupled with the savings programme, will help minimize the impact on its radio, TV and digital offerings. But job cuts are inevitable, and will be implemented from 2019. At the same ...

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