Switzerland and the Bauhaus – 100 years of functional elegance

Bauhaus, the influential German design school, was founded on April 12, 1919. Museums and galleries across Switzerland are devoting exhibitions to central Swiss figures, such as Paul Klee, through the year. Here’s a look at some of the big names and major events.  Functionality, simplicity and innovation. The Bauhaus (literally “building house”) school lasted for only 14 years, but its principles live on and can be seen all around us, from fitted kitchens, white walls, tubular steel chairs and flat-roofed buildings to the iconic Swiss railways clock.  After the destruction of the First World War, a sense of freedom and radical experimentation swept across the art scene in Germany. Architect Walter Gropius founded the theoretically apolitical school in the city of Weimar with the aim of creating consumer goods which were functional, cheap and able to be mass produced yet which left room for artistic individuality.  The Bauhaus moved to Dessau and then Berlin before closing in ...

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