Switzerland at risk of skilled labour shortage

The record-low unemployment rate of 2.4% is expected to lead to a shortage of skilled professionals. Some industries and businesses are already feeling the squeeze.  Last May, 110,000 people were registered as unemployed – 18% less compared with the previous year. The situation has improved particularly for young people (15- to 24-year-olds) and those over 50.  “In the hospitality industry, it’s already very difficult to find enough staff. That’s why we are hesitant to dismiss unsuitable employees, because we know it will not be easy to replace them,” a Lausanne restaurant owner told swissinfo.ch.  Some cantons in central Switzerland, such as Obwalden, have an unemployment rate of less than 1%, forcing businesses to decline orders.  Nationwide, the list of occupations affected by a labour shortage includes the IT industry, law, metal processing, mechanical engineering, transport, construction and the health sector.  Within IT, the situation is likely to change somewhat after ...

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