Tour the Swiss flat made from recyclable, compostable...and edible materials

​​​​​​​ This modern flat doubles as a research project aimed at finding new materials and technologies to help reduce the resources needed for construction. What’s special about this design is its life cycle concept: after a few years, the flat will be completely dismantled and all materials used elsewhere. The NEST (Next Evolution in Sustainable Building Technologies) building in Dübendorf, near Zurich, is probably the craziest building in Switzerland. The Federal Institute for Material Science and Technology (Empa) has a few offices and several research projects under its roof. Before entering the modernly furnished flat or ‘unit’, we have to put felt slippers over our shoes. The first thing we notice is the pleasant smell of oil-treated wood. The apartment on the third floor is referred to as "UMAR" which stands for "Urban Mining and Recycling". This month, two students are due to move into this modern flat. “This is a real environment. This is not an exhibition piece or ...

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