Warmer weather sparks huge hike in Swiss e-bike sales

Unusually warm and dry weather conditions have been credited with boosting bicycle sales last year – with a greater proportion of cyclists opting to ease muscle strain with the assistance of e-bikes in Switzerland’s mountainous terrain.  On Tuesday, the cycling enthusiasts group dynaMot added more detail to figures put out by the Swiss Bicycle Suppliers Association in March. DynaMot’s annual report on bike sales concurred that the number of e-bike sales soared by 28% last year, compared to a rise of 2.7% for all categories of bicycle.  Some 110,000 e-bikes were sold in Switzerland last year - the first time sales have exceeded 100,000 units.   Financial figures for bicycle vendors were even more impressive as Swiss cyclists tended to opt for more expensive electronic models. E-bike sales were therefore 40% higher as total bike revenues reached CHF1.77 billion ($1.76 billion).   The average cost of an e-bike (CHF3,500 or $3,472) weighs in three times higher than conventional ...

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