What it takes to succeed in the new world of Swiss banking

​​​​​​​ The threat of cyber attacks like WannaCry and Petya are creating lucrative opportunities for specialists looking to work in the financial sector. Top candidates for a job as a cyber security expert can “easily” command salaries of CHF1 million ($1 million). That’s according to Robert Walters, founder and chief executive of the eponymous white collar recruitment agency. “Protection and security of data is vitally important and we find that cyber security experts are earning a fortune,” he said. Jobs in risk management, legal and compliance are also much in demand as Swiss banks tackle a growing array of regulatory demands – from reducing risky activities to implementing anti-money laundering rules. The tighter reins placed on banks are due in part to the financial crisis and tax evasion scandals. The new requirements eat up staff time and threaten margins. “The Swiss financial regulator wants Switzerland to be seen as an ethical, safe and secure place to have banks,” ...

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