Why we’re leaving the traditional office behind

Nearly half of the Swiss workforce should no longer be bound by location due to digital technology and the sharing economy. These trends have fueled a rise in co-working. I joined the bandwagon and here is why I ‘co-work’. As an Indian journalist, I have been schooled in noisy newsrooms with excited fellow reporters and hovering editors. Even in my life outside of journalism, few offices were quiet, where reflection was genuinely valued. That’s not true with co-working spaces. As any co-working evangelist will tell you, first and foremost such spaces are more about communities they host, than merely the physical space they inhabit. In such spaces, people work, together or individually, but often not for the same employer. Co-working or hot-desking as it is sometimes called reportedly began in Berlin in the mid-1990s and took shape in San Francisco before becoming a global movement spreading around the world. Switzerland has also witnessed a mushrooming of co-working ...

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